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Hope for healthier indoors

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, Bob McGreevy, a Professional Engineer with over 40 years of HVAC experience, found himself looking for ways to use his expertise to help safeguard his family from the coronavirus. He turned to an HVAC technology that he has recommended to the clients of his commercial engineering firm for years – needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) air cleaners. 

As the pandemic persisted, the importance of healthy indoor air quality grew. After installing air cleaners in their own homes, Bob and his family quickly realized that air cleaners could play a key role in keeping their community healthy and comfortable indoors.

The recent health crisis has shed a light on the importance of healthy indoor air, and Awesome Air Cleaning Solutions is committed to improving indoor air quality and quality of life for our entire community. 

Image by Blake Wheeler
We are family owned and operated.

Awesome Air started with the goal of protecting our own family by improving indoor air quality. We have grown into a mission to protect our community of families and businesses by introducing healthy indoor air to all.

Why awesome air?

whole building

Clean your entire home or building, not just one room

customized plans

Customized air cleaning solutions engineered to your needs

seamless operation

Technology that leverages your existing HVAC system

no ozone

Does not produce ozone nor other harmful byproducts

maintenance free

Self cleaning technology requires no extra maintenance or filters

hidden equipment

No equipment in your living space

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